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Our Real Estate Property Management Team

People in the Charleston, South Carolina, area trust the property managers of Trubild for their real estate investment and property management needs. Creating the best investment strategy often involves seeking the advice of experts who specialize in specific fields. Enlisting this sort of help can be great if you are addressing a very specific need, but in most cases, problems involve many moving parts that can affect every aspect of your business. In these situations, a one-dimensional solution will create more problems than it will solve. Our team is well-versed in design, budgeting and investing, and landlord-tenant relations. We employ a multifaceted approach that will help your business drive up profits, not operation costs. Let us help you transform your business or investment portfolio into a vehicle for giving you and your family the life you deserve.

Roby Seed


Roby has been involved in real estate in almost every capacity for the past 30 years, having grown up working for his father—a respected general contractor of custom homes in Northern California. In the early part of Roby's career, during the real estate boom of the mid 2000s, he worked for a civil engineering firm. Years later, he began designing golf courses all over the world with Kyle Phillips Golf Course Design. To this day, he maintains a professional relationship with Kyle and still works with him on various projects.

In 2013, Roby started his own real estate investment and management company, and Trubild has been thriving ever since. Roby has been successful in the real estate business because he truly cares about all of his clients and puts all of his efforts towards maximizing their success. He treats everyone from owners to residents like family and draws upon his technical experience to create a holistic solution to every situation.

Jeanne Honrales

Chief Customer Care Specialist

Jeanne manages all telephone correspondence, leasing, and day-to-day operations at Trubild. She has five years experience in the industry and is a property management and customer service expert. Jeanne is responsive, personable, and reliable. All of our owners and residents love working with her. Jeanne is involved with every aspect of the operations here at Trubild, and anyone who works with us comes into contact with her at some point. She is an excellent representative for our company and exudes all of the principles and values of our organization.